All Day Menu


Our menus may vary and change slightly during the season so please give us a call if you would like us to talk you through our menus or send you a copy via email

Should you suffer from allergies or intolerances please ask your waiter for details about all of our dishes or please request a copy of our allergy listed menu.



Bread & seaweed butter - £2.50

Large Pitted Olives or Caperberries - £2.50


Sharing is Caring…

Hot sticky wings - £5.50 / £10.00

Sliders (3 mini burgers) - £6.50

Hummus (MADE IN-House) - £7.00

served with a poached duck egg

Whitebait, tartare sauce - £5.50

Fish croquettes or calamari rings - £7.00

Eggs in pot 'Œuf cocotte' - £6.50

Baked Eggs, smoked haddock, gruyere cheese and brown sauce

Whole Baked camembert - £9.00 / £12.00

Sundried tomato, Walnuts, pine nuts & honey toppinG



Soup - £5.50

Pea & Mint with cashew cream, served with toasted soldiers

Vegetable tart - £6.00

Carrots, mushrooms, chestnuts, cranberry & red current sauce, served with a salad

ceasar salad - £12.00

cos lettuce, chicken breast, parmesan, toasted soldiers & cashew nuts



Cheese selection - £8.50

A choice of 3 cheeses, crackers, butter & chutney (£2.00 extra cheese)

Charcuterie platter - £7.00 / £12.50

parma ham, rosette, coppa sliced, tomato gremolata, crackers

Veggie platter - £7.00 / £12.50

Pickled Cucumber, roasted tomato, grilled tofu, salad, guacamole, humus, PADRON PEPPERS, RED PEPPER DIP, black olive purée & flat bread

Hot seafood platter - £8.50 / £15.00

Whitebait, calamari RINGS, fish croquettes, scampi & Tartare sauce

Potted brown shrimps - £12.00

Nutmeg butter and toasts


Please be aware that we will hold your table for a maximum of 20 minutes. If you are running late for your booking, please do your best to inform staff so that we can do our best to accommodate you.

Also, for all parties of 10 or more The Gantry requires a £10.00 deposit per person. This deposit will be redeemed against your final bill. We also request that you inform us about any cancellations or changes to numbers 24 hours prior to your reservation. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the deposit paid.


Main Events

Vegetable paella - £15.50

rice, peppers, fennel, olives, artichoke, tomato, onion, broad beans & Saffron

Smoked haddock - £15.00

SERVED WITH potato, braised leak, cream & parmesan waffer

HANGER STEAK & fries - £21.00 / £17.00

SPICE RUBBED HANGER STEAK, served with A mushroom & madeira sauce

Beef Burger, Fries or green salad - £12.50

relish, tomato, mushroom, salad, bacon & gherkin – Add cheddar/goatS/gruyere OR Blue cheese (£1)

lamb shank - £18.00

served with mash potato & Guinness onion jus

Salmon & Cod burger, Fries or green salad - £15.00

baby spinach, tomato & guacamole

coriander & cumin spiced cod - £16.00

served with aubergine & cumin puree served with a caper, ANCHOVY, TOMATO and olive salsa

cajun spiceD chicken burger, fries or green salad - £14.00

tomato, relish, mushroom, barbecue sauce (MADE IN HOUSE)

Veggie Burger with fries or green salad - £14.00

Vegan Patty of brown rice, puy lentils, quinoa, carrots, red peppers, served with tomato & hummus


Kiddies Menu

Main, Side & 1 scoop of Ice Cream - £7.50

Mains - Sliders / Fish Croquettes / Veggie Balls / Meat Balls / Pasta (butter/tomato sauce)

Sides - Green Salad / Fries / Green Beans / pasta


Greens & Sides

Dressed salad - £3.00

Green beans / mash potato / vegan cauliflower gratin - £4.00

Pan-fried spinach with parmesan shavings / sautéed heritage carrots - £4.5O

French fries - £3.5O

Truffle & Parmesan fries - £4.5O